Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is the Best Burger?

The science fair has come around once again, with new ideas and questions. Being the "overly" creative person I am, I decided "What would be better than a rotting burger?" Exactly. That is how I started my determined quest to find the best burger out of major burger corporations.

Below are the result of conducting a nine day experiment, with five independent variables, and one determined person.

Burger 1, McDonalds:   Unsurprisingly, It never rot.

Burger 2, Burger King:  Instead of growing mold (or other signs of rotting) it was covered in an icy, gel substance.

Burger 3, In and Out:  At day 5 it began to show signs of rotting, growing small, white colored bumps.

Burger 4, Smash Burger: Also began to show signs of rotting at day 5, growing common house mold.

Burger 5, Carls Jr. :  Beginning to rot at day 5, it grew a fungi of greenish blue color.

Another comparison made was size to price.

McDonalds' burger is a small patty, barely visible with the naked eye, sold for a whole dollar (inflation these days).
In and Out's burger is a good size and price to satisfy, ranging between $3 - 4, also having nice, satisfying quality. Burger King's burger is a fair price for what you're getting, not high quality, but high quality and burger aren't meant together in a sentence. Smash burger's burger is a large burger that feeds three to four small children, and it's quality is finest, matching the $6 price tag. Carls Jr.'s burger is not something to write home about, it's very similar to Burger King's burger.

In and Out's burger won on my overall scale (I know, big shocker, I bet you were expecting McDonalds to win), with it's fair quality, size, and price.

Overall setup
In and Out is top left, Burger King Center, Smash Burger bottom left, Carls Jr. bottom right, and 
          Mcdonalds (May have to be looked at through microscope) top right   

In and Outs burger, after 6 days

Burger King  

Smash burger


Carls Jr.

Poor Mcdonalds :(


  1. I want to see the patties of all the burgers after the experiment! Good Job!

  2. I agree with John. I'd like to see each burger individually. Also, did you consider Wendy's? They claim to make everything fresh I believe. :)

  3. I agree with that other two........ I am with you,, I like In and Out burger's too :)