Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Treats!

Welcome Back! I decided in honor of the occasion I would post Halloween recipes! Enjoy!

Witch Hat Cookies
                               1 BAG OF FUDGE STRIPED COOKIES
                     1 BAG OF KISSES 
                     1 CAN OF FROSTING
                    1 TUBE OF ORANGE ICING

1. Spread frosting over the bottom side of a kiss.
2. Stick the candy to the bottom of a fudge striped cookie (over the whole in the cookie).
3. Draw a small line of icing around the candy right where the bottom of the Kiss and the cookie meets.
4.  Repeat process until you have the desired amount of cookies.

Monster (Open) Face Sandwiches
1 type of bread (for the foundation)
Innovative toppings like Pepperoni 

1. Take a piece of the bread you will use for the foundation and cut the cheese (pun not intended) to fit the bread.

2. Use the vegetables to create any face you would like! You can use any toppings you would like to create your monster's face!
This is a fun idea for a Children's Halloween Party or for a fun Halloween lunch!

Goblin's feet cookies

1 package of peanut butter cookies
1 can of white frosting
2-3 drops of food coloring
Life Savers

1. Take a small bowl and put some frosting in it. Mix in food coloring.
2. Frost cookies. Break 2 lifesavers in half and stick 3-4 halves in the front of the cookie to form a claw.
3. Repeat until desired number of cookies is achieved.